‎#112 Nifty Update: "When Simplicity Wins Over Complexity": Downside on NIFTY holds

On my last 22cd February post on NIFTY, I had given a SELL call on NIFTY around 5586 and had given 5 downside support out of which 4 has been achieved. Now you might be guessing about my todays title: “When Simplicity wins over complexity”..why so??? This is because of the complexity of news and results of election we had in the market but just one SIMPLE and common candlestick gave the sell signal and we could earn almost 400 points on shorts in 15 days. My last post didnt mention about indicators nor moving averages nor pattern it was simply 2 candles that gave a sign. But now we need to take some complexity into consideration to decide the further move. As you could see in the attached graph we had a consolidation phase between 5424-5280 which has been given a considerable breakout today. All the leading indicators have confirmed downside while NIFTY is hovering near to 200 SMA at 5165. NIFTY has given the close below all the short term moving averages. Now the downside support 5090 is a strong support for 3 reasons ..Firstly, it is a channel support line which was a resistance line for almost 1.5 yrs as indicated in yellow color. Secondly, 100 SMA is place at almost same level. Thirdly, if you consider retrenchment levels from last months rally 5090 is an important level. So for those of you have missed to short or have booked profits can again short at 5170 and blindly short below 5090. Levels below 5090??? will be on my next post…Till than Enjoy NIFTY in your shorts as its summer arriving….But keep pants will need it above 5424 (stop loss).

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