#143 Nifty Update: 5927 a new low??

NIFTY today was best for trading people as it gave movement both sides for traders to earn. But a important to notice was tht though GDP data were weak, we didnt witness a big fall which was expected. Does this mean that investors are still positive on the markets?? May be yes!! As per my chart analysis, Nifty  chart was going to give a turn around point today on either side and i guess it was the new low 5927! Now what next ?? hhmm… If the nifty opens above 5938 and trades above the same tomorrow than jst risk on the long side and keep a sl of 5921. Ofcourse we are not expecting a 500 point rally but 6100 is achievable. So now lets c whats the opening score tomorrow till than we cnt say mch on the niftys road ahead.

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