#186 Nifty Update: Diwali Rocket Touched 6300ft mark

Investors rocket expires at the highest point in October at 6300 which was not expected by the street but we mentioned in our Update #184 that we expect expiry 6200 and we got lil more on that. There was not much fundamental reason to drive nifty but it was pure technicial support and short recovering which took Nifty near to life time high. Technicals are yet suggesting a good diwali ahead for the investors but its just we should have courage to book profit and liquid portfolio at the right time than. 6380-6500 is the range where you should book profits on your longs. Monthly chart is ofcourse signalling a strong bull but a internal correction could expected in next two expiry though we cant be sure of time scale. next 200 points rally would be backed by Walls of Nifty such as Reliance, Ongc, SBIN, AxisBank and TataSteel  to mention few.We dont recommend to short at 6380-6500 as we will wait for some confirmation before doing so. Technically as you could notice a support line of previous channel is acting as a strong resistance line today but is expected to break through before diwali. Nifty is still take strong support of 5EMA which should be considered as a trailing SL to our longs

Our recommendation: We HOLD on our longs with intact tgts of 6375/6500 with trailing SL revised at 6200(Closing basis)

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