#189 Nifty Update: Haathi vs Chiti

We all have forwarded funny sms Jokes of Haathi vs Chiti  but now traders are experiencing such fight on Nifty Chart. As all technical analyst could make out from my markings on chart that two “head and Shoulders” pattern are visible i.e., One being a confirmed breakout (Haathi) and Second being in formation (Chiti). That the size differs so its easy for some people to say that a small one is not much of importance but as hindi dialogue says “Chiti chahe toh Haathi se bhi Tandav karva sakti hai” and same is true here. Techinally size does matter on the charts but we cant ignore the possibility of smaller formation. Fundamentally we dont have much to cheer domestically but US economy is showing signs of improvement from employement data and ECB also reduce interest rates to 0.25%. Results have all outperformed street estimates. If we talk above correction than Bank Nifty has already given correction. As You all could notice that even nifty has closed at support line of Channel. So everything including a Chiti H&S suggest a pull back early next week but who wins the war depends on breakout. Green patch defines High Volatile range on the charts.

Our strategy:Wait for some confirmation on either side. 6080-6253 is the range. So Wait and Watch as of Now.

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