#192 Nifty update: Smell of Rotten Stocks

After a long break when i look at the charts, i am smelling some rotten stocks which are over ripped and could throw away investors profit if not got away from it at right time. On my last post was long with small stop loss at 6030 which is been triggered. Now charts seems losing bulls momentum and bear might take control over it next month. I would recommend to exit 30% of the longs which i had intimated long back for portfolio at around 5400-5600 levels. Fundamentals aren’t much at a peak stage which could drive stocks more crazy on upside in short term. Looking at US bond markets. Yield on treasury is increasing and we could see a tapering soon which could have a negative impact on our markets as money would be drove out of our stocks to some extent. Secondly, December is always taken as profit booking month for FII as they have their financial year ending. So making some bet on FII inflow i am negative for near term. On other side we had seen mixed bag numbers for our companies and i am sure investor would surely wait for next round of earnings before betting for long term on our companies. Technically, a monthly chart i am seeing a strong retracement which could stretch down upto 5400 but dont expect a straight line fall unless some news from political front. Indicators are weakning all time frames

Our Strategy: We recommend to Short NIFTY (CMP:6057) with tgts of 5900/5720 SL:6140 (Closing basis).For safe traders or portfolio hedgers buy 5900 (dec) PUT nr to 39.10
We recommend to keep SL after expiry as tomorrow we could see a volatile session. all are cash levels

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