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#2 Gold Update: Players go for Gold, Not Traders!!!

Again i have connected my title with a Bollywood name and tagline but this time the name of film even mean it. Only Real users or players but gold at this time or else its time to short Gold. On 30th January i initiated a Short call. It was confirmed that gold is not a gud for investment currently. Now today i have spotted some real danger on the chart. As you call can see in the chart that a trend was tested 5 times in last 7 years but today it has broken that and trading below that. It is a montly chart so we need to wait till end of april but i suggest you all to go short with extended tgts to previous 28400 to 27100/25000 and worst case 21000.. Yes 25000 and 21000 are mch possible. So be cautious.

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