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Finally out of Congestion!

Finally Nifty has closed convincingly above my first tgt 8720 given on 20th July in my post: “Why Closing is important“!  And Now since my longs initiated on 14th July around 8370 at: “Time for Investors to be Active“, i would recommend to book 50% profit on trading longs!! Though after such a breakout from the consolidation pattern, my new target for the short term would be 8950 which is approximate targets of such breakouts. Looking at option data, as i had been saying earlier still 8500 is acting as strong support of the expiry and resistance 9000 is near to my target so chances of achieving it this expiry are getting stronger after todays move. Indicators have given internal positive crossovers confirming todays breakout. On weekly charts yet the channel support is intact indicating a strong move in upcoming days. But volatility index VIX is indicating a steady move ahead as its a flat on indicators as of now. So to conclude, Nifty could move further 200 points from here but that would signal end to short term long trades!  Keep a trailing sl of 8500 on closing basis on rest 50% position.


Jackson Hole at 8500! Are we falling?

Last expiry had been around 1% of the July close and it has irritated traders. But analysts were more irritated as Stop loss were triggering on both side of traders. But finally today we could get some signs of movement from Jackson Hole where yellen could sign some sign of rate hike in near future. If at all a rate hike signs are clear from the speech, it could bring a sigh of relief amongst US traders as its “Happening Finally” after a decade long wait. But surely this could come as a much awaited reason for a profit booking in Indian equities. Since the Budget day low of 6825, we have moved almost 25% at todays close. This move could be credited to Good monsoon, GST bill and better earnings so now profit booking to this rally could be accredited to Rate hike chances in US. Technically we have been in a consolidation wave bin the range of 8500-8720 which was indicated by Elliot Wave, but now 8500 is a turning point from which markets could either bounce to 9000 or could active 8290!  Option data suggesting strong support between 8400-8500 while technical support is at 8480. So for next week, as i have been mentioning in my previous post, keep 8480 as trailing SL to all recommended previous longs and Fresh shorts could be initiated below 8400. And am of fear that a “Head and shoulder breakout” could happen which could have 8500 as neckline. Fingers crossed!!

Bulls yet racing on the edge!

In last few weeks we have got constant signs of accumulation in cash markets and also longs on futures market making us believe that bulls are leading the race but they are yet racing on the edge and doesnt seem to be in full control. As i have been mentioning in my previous posts about Nifty’s daily channel, we could notice that since last 7 trading sessions we are taking technical support on the channel line. Though indicators on daily charts are still in overbought zone but weekly and monthly charts are enjoying bull momentum. 20_aug_2016 One good thing of last weeks move is that we have got higher highs and higher lows which is one of the factor which is helping me to take contra long call against bearish indicators. But being expiry next week, traders should be on high alert. Put/Call ration is at 1.06 which is considered to bearish if it was early start to expiry but now as we enter expiry week this could be pretty confusing. Next 4 sessions could be most volatile experience in recent times as suggested by option data. Highest PUT OI is at 8500 and for CALLS it is at 8800 which means Nifty is exactly at the mid-way and have equal chances to move either side before expiry. So be ready for some thrill next week! but as i always say i am a medium term traders and only recommend positional trades, my strategy is still same: Buy on dips with stop loss of 8480 on closing basis!!

Market cap way below 2008 high and so are majority of stocks!

In recent times we have achieved almost a new high on Nifty and now bears, pessimists are talking about “Overvaluation of stocks” but that ain’t what statistics are saying. Nifty surely has given a strong upmove but many of the stocks have yet not performed at all. Nifty is just 4.9% below life high of 9119 but look at the stock performances of all Nifty stocks in attached file: Nifty_Stocks ! If you compare performances respect to Nifty, only 15 stocks out of currently 51 stocks are performing better than nifty compared to respective life-highs. So understanding with a plain vanilla logic , there is way more to go on stock specific trading.

 Now lets talk about market-cap of Nifty which is currently trading $1.63mln which is way lower than 2008 high which was at approx $1.83mln  which means index has crossed 2008 high in terms of absolute value but not yet in terms of market-cap valuation.  Check out the graph below:


In above graph i have compared Nifty (Yellow Line), USD/INR (Pink line) and Market-cap  (Blue line).  Red marked boxes are the event when nifty has topped. During such period of time we often have stronger rupee vs USD and market-cap is way above Nifty on relative terms. Green market boxes are times when rupee is the weakest and Nifty hammers a low and initiate a new rally. So keeping other factors constant, currently we have hammered low for time being and new rally has been triggered. Strengthening rupee is the best sign of strengthening equity markets.

So to conclude, we are going to get the best time of our trading period in coming months but the strategy should be stock specific as we noticed that we have many under-performing stocks. And yes we dont need to search for stocks out of Index because these stocks would also give you best returns. So stay with the best. Though always hedge your positions in option markets.

Nifty, a perfectionist!

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” and its just the case for Nifty traders since channel breakout a month back. If you have been chasing this perfect support of channel you would have attained excellence in profits.  Had been recommending to carry forward longs with the trailing SL of 8480 and its still holding. But Week on Week channel resistance line is being stronger and stronger support for the traders. 5 consecutive lows on the channel line making it most valid support line in recent years.


So from the above graph we got that Nifty is clearly taking a strong support on the weekly channel but for the trader what matters is daily charts and i tell you its not less perfect too.


Just since the next day from the breakout of weekly channel in July, Nifty started trading in another channel on daily chart which is been holding true since then. But on Friday we got interesting Boosting sign with a support on channel and also a morning start pattern making support more valid. Though indicators are all on over bought zone but it doesnt mean we can move up. So still the mood stays positive on the street with next week support at 8480 while target on the upside could be resistance line at 8820. So my view continuous to be long but stay hedged with 8450 PE!  

GST booster takes momentum in third gear!

This week has been just like another Dream Run for all traders in India but ofcourse it was associated with one of the most volatile week in recent times. Last week i mentioned about  GST Booster for Nifty which did work at the last moment of the week. As its always believed, boosters are used to overtake components with surprising speed and thats what exactly happened today on Indian D-street. Yesterday at close it just seemed that bears are getting in favour and it was expected that today my trailing stop loss 8480 could just be triggered but Bulls pressed booster button and took away the game back from the bears. Todays move has given highest 52 weekly  closing which is a clear sign of bulls strength. As marked in the graph attached, Nifty has confirmed a channel on Daily chart and it seems we may face small resistance at 8760 above which a new short term bull run may start. On the downside my trailing SL is still valid at 8480. 

Banking stocks may underperform!

Nifty has been quite volatile these days and it has almost achieved my target of 8720 before 2 days but now we are not getting any clear sign of trade on either side. But Nifty Banks index is showing some pattern on daily chart which is an upward slopping channel as marked in chart. But currently we are into ebbs of major trend wave which means we are into some profit booking. Stock specific trades in banking are still looking good but index may weaken to lower channel support which comes around 18150. May be its risky to have a naked position so may be i would buy a 18600 CE and 18500 PE and stay safe until expiry. So next two sessions remain crucial for stock market but would recommend to have a safe strategy to traders