#204 Nifty Update: "Total Siyappa" by "Bull Gang" to win "Queens" mark by"300" points

This Friday was full of Entertainment for Indians, release of 4 awaited movies as i have mentioned in my tag line and Secondly they all combined, gives the Nifty rally same effect. “Gulabgang” (bulls here) with a mark of “300” (314 points range on nify last week) have won over bears to achieve ‘Queen” label (Life tym high on Nifty) with ‘Total Siyappa” (Total madness buying on the D-Street). A guy like me who is Film-o-Holic and Nifty Crazy would be on High after witnessing this friday. All the 4 films and Nifty have been hit till now. What we witnessed on the D-Street on Friday was total madness. Stocks which made the gang on D-street were two hot chameli’s of 90’s L&t and Reliance (as Madhuri and Juhi of Film Industry). We have seen some FII buying lat week in the stock but they bought more in Debt segment. FII figure aproxx was Rs. 3000cr net in equity against Rs.10000cr net in debt. So one thing is clear than even developed economies trust our debt products more than equity until the election results. As we have seen a tremendous breakout performance by bulls as marked in the chart, it thus proves technically that they are overall in control to take nifty ahead in long term. CAD figures were announced last week which has narrowed down sharply which is taken positively for the markets. GDP has been better last month YoY basis which gives compliment to market recovery signs. Now as code of conduct has been applied no new policies would be announced by congress but new banking licenses would be announced by EC soon while RBI policy is due this month end. We except a rate cut. Now all the demons for bear markets are left behind fundamentally. Technically, Nifty is in the third wave degree which is considered to be the steep rally. We might see some correction on daily charts which would be much deep though. A consolidated week may be expected next week.

Our Recommendation: We recommend safe traders to wait for buying level around 6150-6300 levels with than tgt of 7300. We would post soon when there is a clear buying opportunity. Safe traders DONT short

*Disclaimer: All analysis is subject to market risk. Study market carefully before investing on our advise. all the words mentioned are used with reference to market and for the posting reference only. 

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