#25 Stock Update: "Kitna Deti Haai"–100% degi from the current levels

Buy MARUTI for the long term investment with tgt of 2870
Short term tgts aprrox 1538/1688/1789
Technical Reasons:
Studying the Weekly chart of Maruti from Elliot wave perspective, i could suggest that it is currently trading in the Wave e (Brown) of one lager wave 1 (Dark green) of Wave 3 (purple) of Main trends Wave 3 (red).Consufed??? leave it simple words it is in the long term bull run. If u are long term investors buy the stock blindly for 2-3 years with tgt of 2870 while if u are a short term trader than buy on dips with tgts of 1538/1688/1789 with stop loss of 1225. Looking at the encircled portion in graph it is another buy signal in lay man language. 50 Weekly SMA is abt to give crossover abve 100 and 200 Weekly SMA whch is a strong bull event. Aab saab baache ke BAAP bolenge…’kya karoon beta petrol khatam hi nahin hota’

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