#27 Stock Update: NaNo will drive you to "375" in 6-8 months

“Tata Motor” cars aren’t famous amongst rich middle class but it means a lot to two imp class: Low middle class and Upper Rich class. Why?? Low middle class gets a affordable car Nano and Indica while Upper rich  class gets Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover. So the company has got a good hold on the major % of indian population. If they are not the market leader yet thn they could be in near future. Tata Motors have just quadruple their investment in takeover of Jaguar so company is in good position fundamentally. Sales could pick up more in coming times when economy condition improves. So fundamentally the company could get more stronger in coming time. Now coming to the benefit of traders. Stock has rallied from the low of Rs.12 in 2001 to 199 in 2006. But than bad times took it to 24.20 from which stock has never looked back until 337. I could catch some patterns on the stock and could feel that 289 could be a long time support. For the Portfolio investors this the right time to enter the stock . Stock could go upto 445-508 but it   will take to activate that target. So just go long on the stock currently and 375 has been activated which could be achieved in 3-6mnths i.e, 25% return.

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