#36 Stock update: NaNo completes its drive to 375 Km

In our #27 Stock update on 12th February we recommended to go long blindly on Tata Motors with tgt of 375 and we have achieved that this month. It was recommended at 298 and tgt of 375 which is 25% return in 8 months. We did mention further tgts of 445 and 508 but there arent still activated. Looking at the charts at current situation, weekly chart suggest some retracement. As we could notice that Tata Motors was on a upside channel and now looking at the indicators of weekly time frame than i am smelling a breakout of that channel on downside. Next tgts 445/508 is expected to be activated after some retracement

Our recommendation is to buy on dips

 At Rs. 362 buy 40%
At Rs. 351 buy 10%
At Rs. 340 Buy 20%
At Rs. 314 buy rest 30%

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