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#6 Gold Update: "Old is Gold"

Trading gold or to say investing gold had been the oldest idea and its back for short term. Equity has been showing sign of weakness in near term which was the first sign that made me look at gold chart. And surprisingly it is supporting the inverse rule with Nifty or to say equity in that manner. Attached graph is weekly chart of Gold and we could notice that 50 Weekly Average has crossed 100 to trigger a short call but indicators are suggesting a small pull back on gold which could be upto 29470-30400. This pull back will be pure technical and we expect it to be a fast one. Short term traders can sure trade long but for safe traders we recommend to go short on the resistance levels as menitoned above. As i have circled area on the chart it is to show you how gold is reversing around at 28280 in this marked period. Since last three weeks it has taken support there and bounced back. Daily chart has also shown some sign of pull back. But on other side 30460 is strong resistance on Monthly chart which would be breached.

Our Strategy: We recommend to go long with sl of 28300 tgts 29470/30400

Note:* We might have recommended this strategy to our client and we dont have any personal position

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