a good "Harami" friend

Confused with the headline? How can a Harami be a good friend? Actually, Harami here is a Japanese word which means a “Pregnant Woman”and its a candlestick pattern which indicated a reversal from bottom. As circled in the chart of Nifty, it is a “Bullish Harami pattern” which now supports my view of a short covering on the index. To make this a strong reversal point, it has taken support at the Blue line which has changed its role from a resistance line to support line. Overall, global markets have given a pull back after a black monday fall but yet we have to recover the ground. FII has been selling last month but that was mere a profit booking. Overall market could now a pull back to 8150-8220 level. Short term trader should stay long with the SL of 7600 which is the previous low and support line level. May be one more sharp correction is due but that would be after we achieve 8220 so long term investors should stay on some cash for shopping later. Currently Nifty is a buy with tgts 8150 and SL 7600

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