“Bottom’s up” for Short term trader

Before you get my title wrongly, what i meant was that Nifty has given a Double Bottom confirmation for Short term trader which has taken traders on a high in quick time. In my previous post my target for traders was 8,250 which was achieved 2 days back but i was waiting for Double Bottom breakout confirmation whose neckline was at 200 day SMA, around 8287, making breakout more valid.


Looking at the chart am sure many technical analyst would find current set-up juicy to trade for longs as firstly, we have closed above 200 day SMA. Secondly, we have got Double Bottom breakout, Thirdly, indicators are Juicy for positive movement and recent volumes too have been above 5 day average. BUT…….we as a medium term outlook we are still into corrective wave and this is just a Pull back rally and we have small resistance of 100 day SMA at 8445. Infact extent of pull back would decide the strength of correct wave. If this rally ends some where in the box marked which is around 8,563-8712 then corrective Wave could be a Zig zag and we may see new low below 7900 but if we witness this corrective rally to stop anywhere around 8,900 then it could be a Flat which means we wont trade below 7900 atleast for this year. So to sum up in simple words, traders still have some chance to trade longs.

Strategy for market participants:

Traders: Buy Nifty with tgts of 8445/8563/8712 sl: 8220

Portfolio Investors/Medium term traders: Start Buying FEB 8500 PE above 8440 spot level with sl of 8712

Spread Traders: Buy metal stocks such as Tata Steel/VEDL/JSWSteel and Short Nifty! 


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