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#4 Gold Update: Gold is completly drunk…

Before two days I posted for a party as my 28400 on gold has been achieved…and I guess gold is still havin hangover of tht party and still slipping.  My 2cd tgt 27100 has been achieved and currently trading below 26000. Cyprus has sold gold with a big chunk which is the major reason but technical had already given sell call at 30000. Now italy and Slovenia could do the same coming weaks which could help to achieve my nxt 2 tgts 25000 n its still party hanging for my followers.  cheers!!!!

#3 Gold Update: Gold traders ..Thumps up to my followers! !

As I have been intimating short on gold since jan ,my 1st tgt 28400 has been achieved today. People around the world are shifting from hard assets to paper assets as their stock markets have been at life time high and economy picture in US has improved.  In India we stilm have governance problem so both the bullion n paper markets is  seeing a set back. But technical suggest a support for nifty at 5400 after infy gave a set back to traders. I did mention in my post that 5400 was strong support for nifty while gold was going to slide technically nxt tgt ia 27100 and than 25000/21000

#2 Gold Update: Players go for Gold, Not Traders!!!

Again i have connected my title with a Bollywood name and tagline but this time the name of film even mean it. Only Real users or players but gold at this time or else its time to short Gold. On 30th January i initiated a Short call. It was confirmed that gold is not a gud for investment currently. Now today i have spotted some real danger on the chart. As you call can see in the chart that a trend was tested 5 times in last 7 years but today it has broken that and trading below that. It is a montly chart so we need to wait till end of april but i suggest you all to go short with extended tgts to previous 28400 to 27100/25000 and worst case 21000.. Yes 25000 and 21000 are mch possible. So be cautious.

#1 Gold Update: Short YELLOW metal with tgt of 28400-28600

Before few months i did tweeted with graph tht i may sound foolish but i am expecting levels of below 30000 to 25000 on gold and see ystdy we got a confirmation for tht levels on the chart. In simple technical language we have seen a double top confirmation on GOLD and now we may see minimum of 28400-28600 in next month or 2. Tracking fundamentally we have 2 main reasons to support chart. Firstly, import duty has been hiked which will slow down unnecessary import of the yellow metal and traders who would have booked future imports would sell on. Secondly, equity and agri commodity markets are giving well-off returns compared to precious metal so it wld see speculators leaving bullion market for time being. In all it would be a good buying opportunity who are yet bachelor lol hahahah!!! so traders go short with sl of 30500 while long term investors buy on each dip till 28400-28600