Opening: Screaming Traders: Nifty 8305 (-67)

Greece prime minister resigning and weak PMI Chinese numbers have given our asian peers a red mark on D-Street. Nifty too is opening with the mark which would leave our traders with a Scream and shock. Overall Indian markets are not concerned with that global news but rather domestic concerns like GSTBIll/LandBill/Weaknening rupee/Monsoon deficit. So of the four two later ones are not in our hands while former two can be resolved and i guess it wont be done untill winter session. Technically, markets are expected to give a strong profit bookin with upside capped at 8650 while downside gates open to 7600. Nifty is no trade zone for intraday. AVOID INTRADAY for today. Nifty R-8425,8445 S-8310,8276

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