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Why we are Bullish On Equities!!!

“GOLD”, when this word is heard anywhere around india, the speaker gets attention of all the ears around him. Gold is consider to be one of the preferred investment of savings in India. Gold Jewellery is highest consumed in India. Whenever i ask my elders what to of the savings, they would reply “Buy Gold”. I am sure many of my friends and colleagues would be facing that. Arent we creating some bubble in gold?? On the charts i was bearish and i am bearish on Gold since it hit 34000+ in last January and i did even post it on this blog. Second thing to gold is “Real Estate”. Last ten years inflation in India was majorily due to real estate prices. People became rich unexpectedly faster due to doubling and tripling of Land price in even less than a year of buying the property. A survey by a renowned agency said that saving in financial market droped from 8% from 2008 to just 2% in 2013 of total saving i.e., rest of saving is in either gold and Real estate. Buhh!!! arent we smelling a bubble in real estate??? It my view that when more than 80% of public is bullish in any asset of investment than we can expect a big move in prices on either side. Since we have seen a continuous upside in real estate segment, we can be bias on downside of the prices. On other side Gold is treated as a just a mere investment option in US. I just came across of the article of Ex. member of FED Mr. Randall S Kroszner who stated to our indian Journalist that they wont give more weightage to Gold at this level as their economy is recovering but yet not inflating. Gold is just the hedge against inflation for them. So we can make out that Gold demand in global market will decline so is the case India. On other side Equity has very less portion of ones saving in India, which gives huge opportunities on upside in the Equity. Technically, Gold has strong resistance at 28000/30350 where current rally could hault. Therefore, looking at inter asset analysis, Equity is the underperformer and  we are bullish on it for LONG TERM 

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