• Still some more time to have trust in PSU Banks

    Still some more time to have trust in PSU Banks

    Markets had been pretty range bound since the UP election results were out in mid-march, but finally we gave a breakout today and closed at new life highs. Who has led the breakout? Banking Sector! So lets talk about Nifty bank in my today’s post. As we all could notice in …Read More »
  • Was it a Wave 4th truncation today at 9120?

    Was it a Wave 4th truncation today at 9120?

    Nifty has been in consolidation since UP election results on 14th March which is almost a month now. We have been consolidating strictly between 9000-9250 but with strong stock specific movement. On the other side Nifty Bank has been out performing by holding 21500 level since quite a long time. …Read More »
  • Can INFY loose its decade old rally?

    Can INFY loose its decade old rally?

    Earning season for last quarter kicked off today with Infosys announcing results lower than market expectations. Its top line grew mere at 9.7% approx last year against more thn 17% growth for a decade before. Looking at such disappointing numbers i feel its all over for front line IT stocks …Read More »
  • Friday was just a speculator profit booking

    Friday was just a speculator profit booking

    Nifty has been on a dream run since start of 2017 but Friday’s last 30 mins shook long term traders and many of them squared-off longs in fear .After studying fall on chart , it seems it  was just a speculator’s profit booking as still we havent got any clear pattern of strong …Read More »
  • No “BHEL” for now

    No “BHEL” for now

    BHEL has been a outperform in last 3 months with almost 50% return to investor but now its time for some profit booking. Stock has manage to close below 20 day Average after 3 months and even the indicators have given bearish crossover to confirm some profit booking ahead. Crucial support of 165 has also been breached with …Read More »
  • Have “Reliance” on “Jio”

    Have “Reliance” on “Jio”

    Reliance Industries has been one of the most under-performing stock in Index since the 2008 Crisis but finally we are hoping for a turnaround i…You feel the recent rally from 1000-1335 is enough for now?….Naaaa..The Game has just begun today .  Reliance industries is not just technically undervalued but also …Read More »
  • Better late than Never!

    Better late than Never!

    Good evening Readers. Last 3 weeks have been pretty much of a rally and it was difficult to say we wont get any correction until we opened gap up after UP results on  this Monday. Many of my blog followers would have felt they lost money as i was bearish …Read More »
  • Bulls not able to overcome psychological resistance!

    Bulls not able to overcome psychological resistance!

    Nifty charts have been like a pendulum between red and green candles. But finally we have resisted near to 8980 or to say 9000 level which i had been mentioning in my previous post and it looks like it was the end of 5th Wave of a smaller degree. So next would be correction phase which could …Read More »
  • Market losing momentum

    Market losing momentum

    New year 2017 has been good for traders until now and even on monthly chart gave strong reversal for investors. But the rally couldnt be without any hiccups and we are going to have one. 8530-8980 was my range mentioned in last post , but couldnt touch the high of the …Read More »
  • Achhe Din aa Gaye!

    Achhe Din aa Gaye!

    “Achhe Din aayenge” had been most chanted  slogan around India Since 2013 but now actually “Achhe Din aa Gaye” in last two months. Though Demonetization has been criticized by most the population of India but thats because short term pain they went through during Nov-Dec. But as saying goes “सब्र का फल मीठा होता …Read More »